EAACI/GA2LEN Position paper: Present status of the atopy patch test*


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    Position Paper of the Section on Dermatology and the Section on Pediatrics of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) and GA2LEN.

Kristiina Turjanmaa
Department of Dermatology
Tampere University Hospital
PO Box 2000
FI-33521 Tampere


A number of scientific reports have been published on patch tests with protein allergens performed on patients with atopic eczema (AE). Evaluation of eczematous skin lesions with an atopy patch test (APT) can be used as a diagnostic tool in characterizing patients with aeroallergen- and food-triggered AE. Indications for testing with APT, choice of allergens (aeroallergens and foods), test materials and technique, including present knowledge on sensitivity and specificity, are reviewed on the basis of available literature. This position paper also points out the need for future research on the clinical use of the APT.