New insights into the mechanism and management of allergic diseases: atopic dermatitis


  • Prof. Dr. Natalija Novak is receiver of the Phadia Allergy Research Forum (PhARF) 2008 Award for her contributions to the field of allergy, which are summarized in this review article.

Natalija Novak, MD
Department of Dermatology and Allergy
University of Bonn
Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25
53105 Bonn


Rapidly increasing knowledge on the complex background of atopic dermatitis (AD) on the genetic, immunological and environmental level in combination with the continuous improvement in our diagnostic options has initiated an ongoing discussion on factors, which primarily promote the disease on one hand and mechanisms which emerge rather secondarily as a consequence of disease-specific modifications, on the other hand. Beside a sustained search for reliable and meaningful diagnostic tools for elicitors of the disease, novel therapeutic approaches are required, as most of the treatments of AD are limited to symptomatic therapies. In contrast, therapeutic approaches selectively regulating aberrant pathophysiological mechanisms in AD itself would be much more effective and promising.