Prof H. Szajewska has written (1) to comment on the infant feeding recommendations for Poland that were reported by Grimshaw et al. (2). The Polish guidelines 2007 quoted by Prof Hanna Szajewska (3) make feeding recommendations for healthy children only. In our article in table 1 and in appendices 2–4 the recommendations detailed are for high risk infants and this is stated in the legend to table 1 and in the tables for appendices 2–4. In the Polish guidelines 2007 (3) there is no information about children from high allergy risk groups, so for this group guidelines from 1997 as stated in Grimshaw et al. (2) remain until new guidelines are published.

We thank Prof S. Zajewska for adding to the debate highlighted in our paper by giving another example of how infant feeding guidelines for the prevention of food allergy can be seen to be both confusing and contradictory.


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