cge1919-sup-0001-FigureS1.jpgJPEG image2319KFigure S1. Single family detailing the extensive phenotypic and genealogical data. Key: Black circles and squares are affected females and males, respectively, based on (i) SCD under 50 years, and/or (ii) cardioversion for VT or VF under 50 years, and/or (iii) obligate carrier status, and/or (iv) a p.S358L founder mutation in TMEM43. A line through a symbol indicates death. A plus sign next to a symbol indicates the presence of the TMEM43 p.S358L mutation. The arrowed individual is the original patient [4].
cge1919-sup-0002-FigureS2.pdfPDF document116KFigure S2. Survival in affected male and affected female subjects defined by DNA analysis or obligate carrier status.
cge1919-sup-0003-TableS1.docxWord 2007 document16KTable S1. Diagnostic criteria fulfilled in probands from each family: 1994 criteria (1 major and 2 minor).
cge1919-sup-0004-TableS2.docxWord 2007 document16KTable S2. Method of diagnosis for 258 affected subjects defined by clinical events, mutation status and pedigree position.

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