HLA-DRB1, DQA1, DQB1 DNA polymorphism in the Bulgarian population


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We describe for the first time the use of PCR based techniques to analyze the MHC class II polymorphism of the Bulgarian population. The present study provides the HLA-DRB, DQB1 allele frequencies in 116 Bulgarian individuals and DQA1 alleles frequencies in 100 subjects. DNA from these individuals was typed for DRB and DQB1 typed by the PCR- Allele Specific Amplification (PCR-ASA) method and DQA1 by PCR followed by hybridization using Sequence Specific Oligonucleotides (PCR-SSO). Allele and haplo-type frequencies and linkage disequilibria are computed by the standard methods used for the XIth International Histocompatibility Workshop. The highest frequencies are 0.159, 0.109 and 0.085 for DRB1*1101, DRB1*1601 and DRB1*1301 respectively. Among the eight DQA1 alleles detected, DQA1*0501 (0.344) is found to be much more frequent than the two most frequent alleles DQA1*0102 (0.225) and DQA1*0101 (0.151). Twelve DQB1 alleles are found and three of them, DQB1*0301 (0.280), DQB1*0502 (0.153) and DQB1*0201 (0.133) showed the highest frequencies. The haplo-type DRB1*1101-DQA1*0501-DQB1*0301 (0.079) predominate clearly, followed by DRB1*1601-DQA1*0102-DDQB1*0502 (0.055) and DRB1*0101-DQA1*0101-DQB1*0501. These results indicate that the Bulgarian population is characterized by features representative of the European anthropological type with a substantial contribution from the Southern Belt of Europe.