• HLA-DQ;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • HAL-DR

The frequencies of DR2, DQ6-related DRB1, DQA1, DQB1 haplotypes were compared in 181 multiple sclerosis patients and 294 controls in Norway. All individuals carried either DR2 or DQ6, i.e., the DQ(α1*0102, β1*0602) heterodimer. The DR(α1*01,β1*1501) and the DQ(α1*O102,β1*O602) heterodimers were carried by 171 of the patients (94%) and 289 (98%) of the controls. Seven of the patients and one of the controls carried the DQ(α1*0102, β1*0603) heterodimer together with the DR(α1*01, β1* 1501) heterodimer. Two patients carried the DQ(α1*0102, β1*O602) heterodimer in the absence of the DR(α1*O1, β1*1501) heterodimer. The DR(α1*01, β1*1501) heterodimer was not observed in the absence of the DQ(α1*0102, β1*O602) heterodimer or the DQ(α1*O102, β1*0603) heterodimer, neither in the patients nor in therols. Our findings indicate that the genes encoding the DQ(α1*0102,β1*0602) heterodimer may confer susceptibility to developing multiple sclerosis in the absence of the DRB 1* 1501 allele.