HLA-DRB1, -DQB1 and -DPB1 polymorphism in the Slovak population


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Abstract: HLA-DRB1, -DQB1 and -DPB1 allele frequencies were investigated in a sample of the Slovak population by PCR-SSP and PCR-RFLP methods. The most frequent DRB1 alleles were DRBl*1101–5 (0.2038), DRBl*0701–2 (0.1423), and DRBl*1501–2 (0.1231). The most rare alleles found were DRBl*0901 (0.0038), and DRB1*1201 (0.015). The most common DQB1 alleles were DQBl*0301 (0.2448), DQB1*0201 (0.2098), and DQB1*0501 (0.1119), respectively. The alleles with the least occurrence rate were DQBl*0601 (0.0035) and DQB1*0401 (0.007). The most common DPB1 alleles found were DPBl*0401 (0.4329), DPBl*0402 (0.2089), and DPB1*0201 (0.1438), respectively. The least frequent alleles were DPBl*0601, *1101, and *1501 (0.0034). Allele frequencies found in our study were compared to those in Czech, Austrian, and German populations. No statistically significant differences were observed.