Integration of microsatellite characteristics in the MHC region: a literature and sequence based analysis


*INSERM Unit 558
Faculty of Medicine
37 allées Uvles Guesde
F-31000 Toulouse


Abstract:  Reviews of microsatellite markers in the human leukocyte antigen region have been very useful in addressing the needs of the immunogenetics community. Nevertheless, characterization of the same microsatellite loci in different laboratories can lead to seemingly contradictory results, particularly in terms of nomenclature. Here we provide an update of previous reports, as well as a standardized characterization of primers for microsatellites located within the major histocompatibility complex (MHC). A uniform and extended inventory of 378 primer pairs from published reports was performed as well as a standardized characterization of the corresponding microsatellite loci according to the extended full-length consensus sequence of MHC region. The literature-based approach was complemented by a sequence-based analysis of each reported microsatellite locus. Iterative electronic polymerase chain reaction runs and an original algorithm that characterizes patterns of repeats within sequence were used. The sequence of primers was corrected according to the consensus sequence. Table of synonymous names for individual microsatellite loci is provided.