• bronchiectasis;
  • CXC receptor 1;
  • human genetics;
  • interferon-γ;
  • ulcerative colitis


Idiopathic bronchiectasis is a disease of chronic, bacterial lung infection, unresolving inflammation and progressive lung damage. Bronchiectasis can be associated with autoimmune diseases including ulcerative colitis. Defects of both innate and adaptive immunity have been proposed. The airway inflammation is characterized by interleukin-8 (IL-8) expression and infliltration by neutrophils and T cells. Here we investigated two candidate gene polymorphisms that may contribute to disease susceptibility: a CXCR-1 (+2607 G/C) gene polymorphism that is implicated in IL-8 binding and neutrophil trafficking as well as the interferon-γ (IFNγ) (+874 T/A) polymorphism which is linked to levels of IFNγ production. These polymorphisms were distributed similarly in the idiopathic bronchiectasis group and controls, suggesting that these two candidate gene polymorphisms are not associated with disease susceptibility.