• haplotype frequency;
  • Mexican American;
  • Native American


Mexicans are the most common minority population of the United States. From a sample of 553 bone marrow donor registrants of self-described Mexican ancestry, human leukocyte antigen (HLA) loci A, C, B and DRB1 were typed by highresolution sequence based typing (SBT) methods. A total of 47, 34, 76 and 46 distinct alleles at A, C, B and DRB1 respectively were identified, including 3 new alleles. The four-locus haplotype frequency distribution was extremely skewed with only 53.9% of 1106 chromosomes present with more than one estimated copy. Haplotypes of Native American origin were identified. These data form an initial basis for determining the requirements for an adequate donor pool for stem cell transplantation in this population.