tan1941-sup-0001-tables1.pdfPDF document10KTable S1. HLA allele information in IMGT/HLA release 3.7.0.
tan1941-sup-0002-tables2.pdfPDF document19KTable S2. HLA-DNA typing of 10 DNA samples using the SBT method.
tan1941-sup-0003-tables3.pdfPDF document31KTable S3. HLA-DNA typing of 10 DNA samples using the Luminex method.
tan1941-sup-0004-tables4.pdfPDF document15KTable S4. Combination of PCR primers for specific amplification of representation HLA-DRB1 types.
tan1941-sup-0005-tables5.pdfPDF document83KTable S5. Sequence read information obtained by the Roche GS Junior Bench Top system.
tan1941-sup-0006-tables6.pdfPDF document67KTable S6. Minimum and maximum depth and ratio of depth between two allele sequence reads in the Roche GS Junior runs.

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