Relationship between pollinosis and fruit or vegetable sensitization


Teresa Caballero, Servicio de Alergia Infantil, Hospital Infantil “La Paz”, PO Castellana 261, 28046 Madrid, Spain.


The prevalence of vegetable sensitization in children with pollinosis (Group A; n = 48) and the prevalence of pollen sensitization in children with fruit or vegetable allergy (Group B; n = 42) were studied by means of prick-test and determination of serum specific IgE to several pollens, fruits and vegetables. Fifteen patients from Group A (31%) showed sensitivity to fruits and/or vegetables, but only three of them had any symptoms after ingestions. Twenty nine patients from Group B (69%) showed pollen sensitization, mainly to grass and Compositae pollen. An association was found between sensitivity to Compositae pollen and sensitivity to several fruits and vegetables (Compositae, Fagaceae, Brassica, Betulaceae and Leguminoseae.)