• latex allergy;
  • recombinant allergens;
  • sensitized children

Single recombinant latex allergens permit the study of the pattern of sensitization to individual allergens. We aimed to quantify the IgE-response to individual latex allergens in children sensitized to latex. The study group included 31 latex-sensitized children: 26 operated at least twice, 20 of them with spina bifida; two children with one operation and three atopic non-operated children. IgE antibodies to rHev b 1, rHev b 3, rHev b 5, rHev b 6.01, rHev b 7.02 and rHev b 8, coupled to ImmunoCAPs, were measured in each serum. IgE responses to rHev b 1, rHev b 5 and rHev b 6.01 were found in 17 children each, and their mean ± s.d. levels were 5 ± 7.4, 16.8 ± 14 and 10 ± 18 kU/l, respectively. IgE responses to rHev b 3 (4 ± 5.4 kU/l) were found in eight children. Two children had IgE to rHev b 7 (1.7 and 3.2 kU/l), and none to rHev b 8. Four sera were negative to all tested recombinant allergens. We divided the patients in three groups: sensitized only to rHev b 1, sensitized only to rHev b 5 and/or rHev b 6.01, and sensitized to both rHev b 1 and to rHev b 5 and/or rHev b 6.01. The three groups had the same profile of clinical features. Hev b 5 induces the quantitatively higher IgE responses in children with multiple surgeries sensitized to latex. Responses to Hev b 6.01 equal those of Hev b 1.