• sickle cell disease;
  • umbilical cord transplant;
  • unrelated donor transplant;
  • reduced intensity conditioning

Abstract:  UCBT was performed in seven children with SCD and stroke (HLA match 4/6 n = 5; 5/6 n = 2). Four received myeloablative regimens (BU, CY, ATG plus FLU in one patient). One had primary graft failure, three had sustained engraftment, two with grade III–IV GVHD (one died, one developed chronic GVHD), one with stable mixed chimerism. Three patients treated with reduced-intensity regimens (FLU, BU or CY, ATG, TLI) failed to engraft; one engrafted after second UCBT (HU, TT, RXA, ALZ, TBI). Four patients (57%) developed viral infections. Engraftment, GVHD, and infection remain challenges.