• orthotopic liver transplantation;
  • diaphragmatic hernia

Kazimi M, İbis C, Alper I, Ulas M, Baran M, Arikan C, Aydogdu S, Ulukaya S, Zeytunlu M, Kilic M. Right-sided diaphragmatic hernia after orthotopic liver transplantation: Report of two cases. Pediatr Transplantation 2010: 14:e62–e64. © 2009 John Wiley & Sons A/S.

Abstract:  Diaphragmatic hernia after OLT is a rare surgical complication. We here report successful diagnosis and treatment of two cases with right-sided diaphragmatic hernia developed after OLT both utilizing left-sided allografts. Combination of factors related to the surgical techniques and patient characteristics might explain the pathophysiology behind the diaphragmatic hernias following liver transplantation. Respiratory as well as non-specific gastrointestinal symptoms may be hints for an overlooked diaphragmatic hernia after liver transplantation. Diaphragmatic hernia should be added to the list of potential complications of liver transplantation for prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment.