The challenges and opportunities for transitional care research


Janet E. McDonagh, MD, FRCP, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Pediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology, Institute of Child Health/Department of Rheumatology and University of Birmingham and Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham B4 6NH, UK
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McDonagh JE, Kelly DA. The challenges and opportunities for transitional care research.
Pediatr Transplantation 2010: 14:688–700. © 2010 John Wiley & Sons A/S.

Abstract:  The provision of healthcare for young people with solid organ transplants as they move into adult-centered services has received increasing attention over recent years particularly as non-adherence and graft loss increase after transfer. Despite medical advances and that transitional care is now well established on national and international health agendas, progress in the research arena has unfortunately been slow. The aims of this paper are to consider why this is and discuss the particular challenges facing clinical researchers working within the area.