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The psychosocial challenges of solid organ transplant recipients during childhood


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Annunziato RA, Jerson B, Seidel J, Glenwick DS. The psychosocial challenges of solid organ transplant recipients during childhood.

Abstract:  A large proportion of pediatric solid organ transplant recipients are young children, yet dedicated studies on the challenges faced by these patients are sparse. The present article aims to provide a summary of key considerations for pediatric solid organ transplant teams, describing what challenges are more likely for younger patients and how they might identify and address these circumstances. Our findings suggest that the mental health of patients and caregivers, issues at school, neurocognitive difficulties, and self-management are areas of particular relevance for children. We offer several recommendations that stem from these identified areas of concern. Dedicated focus on the well-being of younger patients could in the long-term stave off adverse events that are often associated with adolescence. In the short-term, certainly intervening in any of these domains could lead to improved quality of life during childhood.