• adenosine deaminase deficiency;
  • delayed-onset;
  • bone marrow transplantation;
  • reduced intensity conditioning

Kanegane H, Taneichi H, Nomura K, Wada T, Yachie A, Imai K, Ariga T, Santisteban I, Hershfield MS, Miyawaki T. Successful bone marrow transplantation with reduced intensity conditioning in a patient with delayed-onset adenosine deaminase deficiency.

Abstract:  In this case report, we describe successful BMT with RIC in a patient with delayed-onset ADA deficiency. A three-yr-old Japanese boy was diagnosed with delayed-onset ADA deficiency because of recurrent bronchitis, bronchiectasia, and lymphopenia. In addition, autoimmune thyroiditis and neutropenia were present. At four yr of age, he underwent BMT with a RIC regimen, including busulfan and fludarabine, from an HLA-identical healthy sister. Engraftment after BMT was uneventful without GVHD. Decreased ADA levels in blood immediately increased following BMT, and the patient was disease-free 13 months after BMT. These results suggest that BMT with RIC may sufficiently restore immune regulation in delayed-onset ADA deficiency. A longer follow-up period is needed to confirm these observations.