Wind Flow Characteristics on a Soybean Leaf Compared with a Leaf Model



The purpose of this paper is to describe momentum boundary layer flow parameters on a soybean leaf [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] at various velocities of the bulk air stream and these data are compared with similar measurements on an artificial leaf. The wind structure is measured at three different bulk air velocitìes (u= 39, 148 and 271 centimeters per second) on an individual soybean leaf and is compared to structural effects on an artificial leaf (flat metal plate) in a small closed-circuit wind tunnel. The boundary layers were homogeneous for the metal plate, but only at the lower velocity for the soybean leaf. The boundary layer thicknesses decrease with increasing bulk air velocity for laminar flow regimes, whereas in the turbulent flow regime the boundary layer thickness greatly increases. The effect of turbulence on the soybean leaf boundary layer made the eddy diffusivities at least three times greater than in the laminar flow regime at the calculated roughness height above the leaf surface. The structure of the leaf boundary layer flow is comparable to that of the metal plate only at the lower bulk air velocity.