Iron Deficiency in the Blue-Green Alga Anacystis nidulans: Fluorescence and Absorption Spectra Recorded at 77°K



Low-temperature (77°K) fluorescence and absorption spectra have been determined for whole cells and photosystem I particles of Anacystis nidulans grown in iron-supplied or iron-deficient inorganic media. Iron deficiency induces a decrease of F720 relative to F685 and F695 in the fluorescence spectra of both whole cells and photosystem I particles. This change is correlated to a reduction of preferentially the long wavelength absorbing fraction of chlorophyll a. The relative fluorescence intensity at 755 nm is increased by iron deficiency. No significant effects of culture-age are found in the ratio between the three fluorescence bands (F685: F695: F720) of iron-supplied A. nidulans.