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Volume changes of Commelina communis guard cell protoplasts in response to K+, light and CO2


Jonathan D. B. Weyers (reprint requests)


The effects of K+ concentration, light intensity and CO2 levels on the volume of Commelina communis L. guard cell protoplasts were studied. Two degrees of swelling response were observed, both dependent on an external supply of K+, but not necessarily on the supply of a permeant anion. The presence of K+ itself, independent of light or CO2 level, stimulated swelling at a relatively slow rate. When K+, light and low CO2 conditions were supplied together, the swelling was relatively rapid and of high magnitude. The rapid swelling was specific for K+ and Rb+ giving a half maximal effect after 2 h at a KCl concentration of about 18 mmol m−3. The addition of CaCl2 at 1 mol m−3 inhibited K+-dependent swelling under all conditions tested. The response to light and low CO2 levels by Commelina guard cell protoplasts is thought to reflect a high degree of physiological integrity.