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Effect of mycorrhiza and nitrate nutrition on nitrate reductase activity in Scots pine seedlings



In vivo nitrate reductase (EC activity was measured in seedlings of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) inoculated with Cenococcum geophilum (Sow.) Ferd. & Winge, Paxillus involutus (Batsch:Fr) Fr, Piloderma croceum Erikss, & Hjortst, and Suillus variegatus (Fr.) O. Kuntze. The activity was higher in the mycorrhizal pine roots than was previously found in the fungus symbiont alone, but lower than in the roots of nonmycorrhizal pine seedlings. The differences observed in a previous study between the fungal species under pure culture conditions were not found in the present work for mycorrhiza synthezised with the same fungal species. An increase in the nitrate concentration of the nutrient solution increased the proportion of the nitrate reductase activity in the needles. The mycorrhizal root tips had higher nitrate reductase activity than nonmycorrhizal root tips in the same root system.