Phenotypic characterization of sym 21, a gene conditioning shoot-controlled inhibition of nodulation in Pisum sativum cv. Sparkle


C. M. Markwei (present address).

T. A. LaRue (corresponding author, fax 1-607-2541242).


E132 (sym 21) is a stable pleiotropic mutant of Pisum sativum cv. Sparkle obtained by mutagenesis with ethyl methane sulfonic acid. The line forms few nodules and short, highly branched roots. Microscopy studies revealed that infection by rhizobia is normal, and low nodulation is mainly due to a low rate of emergence of the nodule meristems. E132 shoots depressed nodulation on Sparkle stocks, whereas in reciprocal grafts more nodules formed on E132 stocks than on control roots or self-grafted Sparkle plants. Nodule number on the mutant was slightly increased by exogenous ethylene inhibitors, which, however, did not alter the root phenotype.