ppl1666-sup-0001-Table_S1.docWord document21K Table S1. Primers and probes used for QRT-PCR of target genes.
ppl1666-sup-0002-Figure_S1.docWord document198K Fig. S1. cDNA sequence alignment of OsNPR1, OsNPR2 and OsNPR3. Sequence used for OsNPR1 antisense transformation is underlined. The blue shading indicates the bases that are identical in the three genes.
ppl1666-sup-0003-Figure_S2.docWord document27K Fig. S2. Rice transformation vector pCAMBIA-NPR1 (13.3 kb) with Hyg and GUS as plant selectable marker genes.
ppl1666-sup-0004-Figure_S3.docWord document540K Fig. S3. DNA gel-blot analysis and growth phenotypes of as-npr1 lines and WT plants. (A) DNA gel-blot analysis of WT line and four as-npr1 T2 lines (N6, N7, N9 and N11). Genomic DNA was digested with EcoRI or XbaI. The blot was hybridized with a probe (about 0.7 kb) specific for reporter gene GUS. Hybridization was created using the DIG High Prime DNA Labeling and Detection Starter Kit II (Roche). All four as-npr1 lines have a single insertion of the transgene. (B–D) Growth phenotypes of as-npr1 lines and WT plants at 10-days old (B), tillering stage (C) and heading stage (D).

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