ppl1685-sup-0001-FigureS1.rtfapplication/document3027KFig. S1. Casuarina glauca sucrose synthase (SucS) gene family analysis based on EST sequences in from Hocher et al. (2006, 2011). Sequences were compared using ClustalW at and aligned using BioEdiT ( The available ESTs fell into four groups, three covering the 3′-ends of three different cDNAs, (A) SucS1 (12 ESTs and the PCR product described in this study), (B) SucS2 (12 ESTs) and (C) SucS3 (3 ESTs) and one (D) covering the 5′-end of a single SucS cDNA (8 ESTs). (E) Comparison of the implied amino acid sequences of SucS1, SucS2 and SucS3.

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