We have here demonstrated for the first time that nitrate not only accelerates testa rupture of non- AR seeds but also modifies expression pattern of the cell-wall remodeling proteins (mannanases; SoMAN6 and SoMAN7) and key genes belonging to metabolism and signaling of ABA (SoNCED6, SoNCED9, SoCYP707A2 and SoABI5) and GAs (SoGA3ox, SoGA20ox, SoGA2ox and SoRGL2). These results were obtained during Sisymbrium officinale seed imbibition in the absence of endosperm rupture. Exogenous ABA induced a notable inhibition of testa rupture in both absence and presence of nitrate being this effect sharply reversed by GA4+7. However, nitrate was capable to provoke testa rupture in absence of ABA synthesis. The expression of SoMAN6 and SoMAN7 were positively altered by nitrate. Although ABA synthesis seems apparent at the start of non-AR seed imbibition, taken together the results of SoNCED6, SoNCED9 and SoCYP707A2 expression seem to suggest that nitrate leads to a strong net ABA decrease. Likewise, nitrate positively affected the SoABI5 expression when the SoNCED9 expression was also stimulated. By contrast, at the early and final of imbibition, nitrate clearly inhibited the SoABI5 expression. The expression of SoGA2ox6 and SoGA3ox2 are strongly inhibited by nitrate whereas of SoGA20ox6 was stimulated. On the other hand, SoRGL2 transcript level decreased in the presence of nitrate. Taken together, the results presented here suggest that the nitrate signaling is already operative during the non-AR S. officinale seeds imbibition. The nitrate, in cross-talk with the AR network likely increases the favorable molecular conditions that trigger germination.