Sirolimus oral ulcer with Cedecea davisae superinfection


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H. Mawardi, M. Pavlakis, D. Mandelbrot, S.-B. Woo. Sirolimus oral ulcer with Cedecea davisae superinfection.
Transpl Infect Dis 2010: 12: 446–450. All rights reserved.

Abstract: Cedecea davisae is a member of the Enterobacteriaceae family and is an uncommon pathogen. This organism has been isolated from the blood, sputum, and cutaneous ulcers of only a handful of patients, most of these being elderly or otherwise medically compromised. This is a report of a patient, status post renal transplantation, who developed an oral ulcer associated with sirolimus use and superinfected with C. davisae. According to the literature, this is the first case of C. davisae detected in the oral cavity. Antibiotic therapy led to prompt resolution of this very large ulcer.