• case;
  • control study;
  • HLA;
  • LYP;
  • PTPN22 gene;
  • type 1 diabetes

Objectives:  The goal of this study was to verify the association between type 1 diabetes (T1D) and the protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 22 (PTPN22) gene in non-Hispanic whites (NHWs) and Hispanics from Colorado.

Subjects and methods:  The C1858T single-nucleotide polymorphism within the PTPN22 gene was genotyped in 753 patients with T1D ascertained from the diabetes clinic at the Barbara Davis Center in Denver and 662 control population.

Results:  Both the PTPN22 CT genotype [odds ratio (OR) = 1.96; p < 0.0001] and TT genotype (OR = 4.41; p = 0.02) were significantly associated with T1D in the NHW population. While the association was stronger in subjects with non-HLA-DR3/4 genotypes than in those with the HLA-DR3/4 genotype, regression analyses did not reveal significant interaction between PTPN22 genotypes and HLA-DR3/4. The strength of the association was similar in males and females, patients diagnosed before and after age 10 yr, and in Hispanics and NHWs.

Conclusion:  In this study, we confirm that PTPN22 is associated with T1D in the Colorado population.