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Bipolar affective disorder in a male with a deletion of Y chromosome – a case report


  • The authors of this paper do not have any commercial associations that might pose a conflict of interest in connection with this manuscript.

Luiza Olajossy- Hilkesberger, Department of Psychiatry, University Medical School, Głuska 1, 20-439 Lublin, Poland. Fax: +48 81 7453392; e-mail:


We report on a 25-year-old male with bipolar disorder, dysmorphic features and a deletion of the long arm of Y chromosome. A potential association between sex chromosome abnormalities and a susceptibility to major psychiatric disorders has been documented. However there have been very few reports on the coincidence of Y chromosome aberrations with bipolar disorder. Cytogenetic studies have contributed to the identification of several disease genes. Karyotyping of patients with bipolar disorder in order to identify candidate regions for linkage studies has been recommended.