• Alsinidendron;
  • Caryophyllaceae;
  • Hawaii;
  • heterosis;
  • inbreeding;
  • inbreeding depression;
  • life span;
  • resource allocation;
  • Schiedea;
  • self-fertilization


Progeny from self-pollinations and intrapopulation crosses were examined in Schiedea viscosa to determine the extent of inbreeding depression in this highly selfing species. Progeny of interpopulation crosses were also investigated to determine whether deleterious alleles have been fixed in populations of S. viscosa. There was no inbreeding depression at early life history stages, including seeds per capsule, seed mass, or germination. Inbreeding depression was detected for the later life history stage of fruit biomass, although not for survival or life span. Heterosis for vegetative biomass and fruit biomass was detected in progeny from crosses between populations. Levels of inbreeding depression in S. viscosa are low relative to out-crossing species of Schiedea, especially when early life history stages are compared.