Figure S1 Full list of influence plots of all significant GO categories from the Global Goeman test analysis. Each plot represents a significant GO category within one of the three main processes: Biological Process, Molecular Function or Cellular Component. On the x-axis are given the genes from the filtered gene list (containing 7753 probesets) belonging to that particular GO category (by AFFY ID). The y-axis represents the influence of each gene on the overall test statistic for that GO category. Horisontal lines indicate the value of the statistic Q under the null hypothesis that the gene is not differentially expressed. Additional lines represent standard deviations of Q. In each plot red indicates decreased expression in selected lines compared to control, while green indicates increased expression in selected lines. Parts (a) to (h) represent the comparisons between Unselected controls (UC) and (a) All selected (All selec.), (b) Starvation (ST), (c) Longevity (LS), (d) Heat knock down (KS), (e) Heat shock survival (HS), (f) Desiccation (DS), (g) Constant 30????C (C30) and (h) Cold shock (CS) selected, respectively.

Table S1 Table showing all GO categories significant at the 1% level in the Goeman Global Test. Each System was tested separately.

Table S2 Gene lists for all significant genes in all contrasts.

Table S3 Number of genes detected by SAM analysis at different levels of median false discovery rate for Multi class SAM analysis of all regimes and for each contrast between Unselected control and selection regimes.

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