Appendix S1 Selection of EF1? as a reference gene for RT-QPCR. Effects of phylogeny, nonsynonomous substitutions, and recombination on molecular evolution.

Table S1 Primers and PCR cycling conditions.

Table S2 FASTA sequence files for the chiB coding regions of 32 Onagraceae species.

Table S3 Mode of reproduction, rates of non-synonymous (Ka) and synonymous (Ks) substitutions within chiB gene, and life history traits for 32 Onagraceae species.

Table S4 Likelihood values and parameter estimates for CODEML analyses in PAML of PgiC gene (459 bp) for 20 Onagraceae species (10 asexual PTH and 10 sexual lineages).

Table S5 (a) Likelihood values and parameter estimates and (b) likelihood ratio tests for CODEML analyses in PAML of chiB gene for 32 Onagraceae species.

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