Antibody Response in Hodgkin's Disease and Other Lymphomas Related to HL-A Antigens, Immunoglobulin Levels and Therapy


Bloodbank and Department of Haematology, University Hospital, Catharijnesingel 101, Utrecht (The Netherlands)


Abstract. A group of 38 patients with lymphomas (29 with Hodkin's disease and 9 with other lymphomas) and a control group of 27 healthy individuals were vaccinated with an influenza vaccine, containing influenza A Hong Kong virus. Eight patients (6 with Hodgkin's disease and 2 with other lymphomas) did not respond with a fourfold raise in titre or greater as measured by haernagglutination inhibition assay. In the healthy control group, everyone showed an adequate antibody response.

In the patients, incapacity of antibody formation was not associated with cytostatic therapy, treatment with prednisone or the combination of the two, but a correlation was found with radiation therapy during the ‘immunization period’.

HL-A typing and determination of serum immunoglobulin levels were performed both in the patients and in the healthy controls. A significant difference in HL-A12 frequency was found between patients with adequate antibody response to influenza vaccination (HL-A12 frequency 13%) and those without demonstrable antibody formation (HL-A12 frequency 62%). No significant differences in serum immunoglobulin levels were noted between the patients and the control persons.