In vitro and in vivo Comparison of Platelet Concentrates Collected by Automated versus Manual Apheresis


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Abstract. Platelet concentrates collected by continuous flow automated apheresis (Fenwal CS-3000) were compared with those collected by manual apheresis to determine whether the prolonged centrifugation and vigorous resuspension affected platelet viability and in vitro function. Paired autologous reinfusion studies (111Indium) of 5 normal donors showed no significant differences in the mean percent recoveries (50.8±7.0% vs 53.8 ±4.0%) or survivals (174±23h vs 188±10h) for platelets collected by manual versus automated apheresis. Platelets collected by automated apheresis had a significantly higher level of β-thromboglobulin release, but there were no significant differences between platelets collected by the two methods in regard to other in vitro parameters (ATP levels, LDH released, hypotonic shock response) believed to reflect platelet activation, injury, and malfunction. These results suggest that only slight activation of platelets takes place during automated apheresis.