Studies in Red Blood Cell Preservation

7. In vivo and in vitro Studies with a Modified Phosphate-Ammonium Additive Solution


Hoxworth Blood Center 3231 Burnet Avenue, M.L. 0055 Concinnati, OH 45267–0055 (USA)


Studies were conducted to examine whether an experimental additive solution (EAS-2) containing, in mM: 20 NH4Cl, 30 Na2HPO4, 2 adenine, 110 dextrose, 55 mannitol, pH 7.15, would be useful to extend the storage shelf life of human RBCs. With 6 pairs of split units, ATP concentrations were better maintained for 12 weeks with EAS-2 than with Adsol® (1.8 vs. 1.1 μmol/gHb, respectively, p = 0.002). Autologous 24-hours 51Cr viability values for split units in the same donors were: on 6 paired units at 8 weeks, EAS-2 87.0±4.5%, Adsol 72.6±2.3%, p = 0.004; on 11 paired units at 9 weeks, EAS-2 79.5±7.1%, Adsol 68.2±10.1%, p = 0.0003. The data suggest that packed RBCs stored for 9 weeks with EAS-2 will be suitable for transfusion following the removal of supernatant with a single washing step.