Serological Screening, Using Three Different Test Systems of Platelet-Transfused Patients with Hematologic-Oncologic Disorders


Abteilung Transfusionsmedizin mit Blutbank Hoppe-Seyler-Strasse 3 D-72076 Tubingen (FRG)


Sera of hematologic-oncologic patients were tested regularly after platelet transfusions in three test systems: lymphoeytotoxicity test, platelet adhesion immunofluorescence test, and — only selected sera — in the monoclonal antibody-specific immobilization of platelet antigen test. Of 388 patients 53 (14%) had HLA antibodies 5 of these in combination with platelet-specific alloantibodies. Lymphocyte-restricted (non-HLA) reactions were observed in 20 patients, the majority of which was attributed to lymphocyte-specific auto- or alloantibodies. Sera of 27 patients showed platelet-specific reactions, usually cold-reacting autoantibodies which have no effect in vivo.