Efficacy and tolerability of human fibrinogen concentrate administration to patients with acquired fibrinogen deficiency and active or in high-risk severe bleeding


  • Authorship: A. Farriols, designed research, performed research; L. Gallur, designed research, performed research; S. Rodriguez, contributed vital new reagents or analytical tools; L. Mendarte designed research, performed research; and J. Bruno Montoro designed research, analysed data and wrote the paper.

: J. B. M. Ronsano, Pharmacy Service, Hospital Universitario Vall d’Hebron, P° Vall d’Hebron 119-129, Barcelona 08035, Spain
E-mail: bmontoro@vhebron.net


Background and Objectives  Fibrinogen deficiency is a cause for massive haemorrhage whose management in emergency situations is the subject of debate. Plasma-derived fibrinogen concentrates are indicated for reversing the haemorrhagic diathesis found in congenital and acquired deficiencies.

Materials and Methods  We report on the results of an observational study that evaluated the effects of fibrinogen concentrates in patients suffering from various forms of acquired severe hypofibrinogenaemia with life-threatening consumptive thrombo-haemorrhagic disorders (surgery, trauma and digestive haemorrhage), or underlying disease states that limit fibrinogen synthesis (hepatic dysfunction, haematological malignancies).

Results  Sixty-nine patients were identified and included, in whom most of the processes (62%) corresponded to consumptive hypofibrinogenaemia. After a median dose of 4 g, a mean absolute increase of 1·09 g/l in plasma fibrinogen was measured and coagulation parameters were significantly improved (P < 0·001). Mortality rates of 32·3% and 44·2% were reported after 24 h and 72 h, respectively.

Conclusion  We conclude that the administration of fibrinogen concentrates in unresponsive, life-threatening haemorrhage with acquired hypofibrinogenaemia improves laboratory measures of coagulation, and may also be life saving. Although observational in nature, our data indicate a direct relationship between plasma fibrinogen levels and survival in acquired fibrinogen deficiency. Further studies are warranted to ascertain a clear relationship between fibrinogen levels and survival.