• bleeding;
  • fibrinogen concentrate;
  • transfusion;
  • trauma

Introduction  A balanced transfusion of red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelets are recommended for massively bleeding trauma patients. Fibrinogen concentrates could potentially lessen or replace the need for fresh frozen plasma and/or platelet transfusions.

Objective  To provide a review of the literature covering the application of fibrinogen concentrates in trauma care.

Methods  PubMed and Cochrane database search, ‘fibrinogen’ and (‘concentrate’ or ‘trauma’), not ‘congenital’, 10 years.

Results  Only four papers were identified. None were randomized controlled trials. The main conclusion of these papers was that administration of fibrinogen sometimes together with prothrombin complex concentrate might improve haemostasis in trauma patients resuscitated with synthetic colloids.

Conclusion  Evidence for the use of fibrinogen concentrate to trauma patients with massive bleeding is lacking. Well-designed prospective, randomized, double-blinded studies evaluating the effect of fibrinogen concentrate, as the only intervention, are urgently needed.