• ABO;
  • febrile reaction;
  • immune complex;
  • mismatch;
  • platelet;
  • transfusion

ABO-mismatched plasma and platelet (PLT) transfusion have been associated with worse outcomes, including haemolysis and other reactions, compared to recipients of ABO-identical products. The immune complexes that form in a mismatched transfusion have been demonstrated to stimulate pyrogenic cytokine release in vitro. Comparing ABO identical vs. ABO mismatched PLT transfusions, we found no significant difference in the ABO compatibilities between the PLT doses implicated in causing febrile non-haemolytic transfusion reactions (FNHTR) in 162 recipients and both the baseline PLT donor/recipient ABO compatibility (P = 0·67) or the PLTs issued in the 30 days preceding the FNHTR (P = 0·92). ABO-mismatched PLT transfusions do not appear to be aetiological agents of FNHTR in a population routinely receiving both ABO-identical and ABO-mismatched transfusions.