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Current incidence and residual risk of HIV, HBV and HCV at Canadian Blood Services


  • Financial support: Canadian Blood Services

Sheila F. O’Brien, National Epidemiology and Surveillance, Canadian Blood Services, 1800 Alta Vista Drive. Ottawa, ON K1G 4J5, Canada


Estimates of the viral residual risk should be updated to reflect current incidence of infection in blood donors. Incidence rates were estimated for allogeneic whole-blood donations made to Canadian Blood Services from 2006 to 2009 based on transmissible disease conversions of repeat donations within a 3-year period. Residual risk was estimated as the incidence multiplied by the window period. The residual risk of HIV was 1 per 8 million donations, HCV 1 per 6·7 million donations and HBV 1 per 1·7 million donations. The residual risk remains low and has decreased for HCV since our previous estimates due to reduced incidence.

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