• anti-HPA-1a titration;
  • ITP;
  • platelet antibodies;
  • platelet antigens;
  • platelet immunology workshop

Background and Objectives  The aim of the 15th ISBT Platelet Immunology Workshop was to evaluate the detection of free platelet-reactive autoantibodies from ITP patients by the use of a standardized MAIPA protocol, to compare sensitivity and specificity of antibody detection for anti-HPA-1a and serologically difficult-to-assess antibodies against HPA-3, to identify whether anti-HPA-1a titration results can be compared between laboratories, and to evaluate HPA genotyping methods.

Materials and Methods  Workshop materials were shipped from the organizing laboratory in Giessen, Germany. Thirty laboratories from 19 countries participated.

Results  Results for the detection of autoantibodies differed greatly between the laboratories and no consensus was reached for one of the two sera. Detection and titration of antibodies against HPA-1a, in contrast, gave largely congruent results. Serologically difficult-to-assess antibodies recognizing HPA-3a and HPA-3b were not detected by many laboratories. For genotyping, good agreement was achieved.

Conclusions  Detection of HPA-1a antibodies, titration of anti-HPA-1a, and HPA genotyping are well performed in most participating laboratories. The workshop has identified two specific areas with room and need for improvement: the detection of autoantibodies and the detection of HPA-3 alloantibodies. Recommendations of the Working Party on techniques that can help to overcome these problems are desirable.