Influence of denervation on the regeneration of Pleurodele limbs

Cytophotometric study of nuclear DNA from blastemal cells


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Abstract. A cytophotometric study of Feulgen-stained mesenchymal cell nuclei from regeneration blastemas of both innervated and denervated limbs over the 1st 7 days following the midbud stage showed a diminution of the percentage of cells in the S + G2 phases and a corresponding augmentation of the percentage of cells in the G0+ G1 phases. This change, which was temporally correlated with the redifferentiation of the innervated blastemas, was greater in denervated blastemas, even though they do not redifferentiate. From these results, it is concluded that the denervation of midbud blastemas brings about either an extension of the G1 phase or an exiting from the cell cycle to G1 (G0–1), or both phenomena.