Abstract. Parvalbumin is a cytosolic calcium-binding protein found in adult fast-twitch mammalian muscle. Using an antibody to parvalbumin, we have shown that its distribution in adult mouse muscles is associated with certain fibre types. It is absent from slow-twitch type 1 fibres, is absent or at low levels in fast-twitch type 2A fibres, but is present at moderate or high levels in fast-twitch type 2B fibres. When adult mouse muscle is cultured with embryonic mouse spinal cord, the regenerated fibres become innervated, express the adult fast isoform of myosin heavy chain and appear histochemically as fast-twitch fibres. We therefore investigated whether these apparently mature fibres also contained parvalbumin. Parvalbumin was not found in any fibres of twenty mature cultures, suggesting that neurotrophic activity in the absence of specific adult nerve activity patterns was insufficient to cause the expression of parvalbumin in the cultures.