Units of Enzyme Activity

Recommendations 1978

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  • 1The term ‘rate of reaction’ as used in this document follows the definition of reference 4 and signifies a quantity with dimensions (amount of substance)/time (units: mol · s−1). We should point out that these words are often used for a quantity with dimensions (amount-of-substance concentration)/time (units: mol · dm−3· sC1). This discrepancy and a proposal to call the former (extensive) quantity ‘rate of conversion’ and the latter (intensive) quantity ‘rate of reaction’ are being considered by a IUPAC Subcommittee on Symbolism and Terminology in Chemical Kinetics (Chairman: K. J. Laidler, Department of Chemistry, University of Ottawa. Ottawa, Canada, KIN 6N5, to whom comments may be sent).

  • Editorial Comment. These Recommendations are being published as a service to the biochemical community. Publication does not imply endorsement of the recommendations by the journals but rather presents this information for consideration.

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