Structure and evolution of the repetitive gene encoding streptococcal protein G


Correspondence to M. Uhlén, Institutionen för Biokemi och Biokemisk Teknologi, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan Teknikringen 10, S-10044 Stockholm, Sweden


The complete sequence of the structural gene encoding the immunoglobulin G binding protein from Streptococcus G148 has been determined, as well as its 5′ and 3′ flanking sequences. The sequence reveals an open reading frame encoding a putative preprotein with a relative molecular mass of 63294. N-Terminal sequencing of the mature protein, spontaneously released from streptococcal cells, demonstrates that the signal peptide consists of 33 amino acids. The DNA sequence reveals extensive internal homologies similar to other cell-wall-bound receptors from gram-positive bacteria. Comparisons with a related gene previously isolated from another strain of streptococci revealed large differences in size, due to variations in the number of internal repeats. The structure of the gene suggests an evolution through multiple duplications.