• Surface mapping;
  • NMR;
  • photo-CIDNP;
  • protein folding


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We have characterized the high-temperature molten globule state of bovine α-lactalbumin by a combined use of photochemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization and nitroxide surface perturbation. Both techniques are extremely well suited to follow the progressive increase of exposed surfaces in the native state and the appearance of partially or completely unfolded species. Our results suggest that the molten globule state obtained at high temperature and pH 7, and the state obtained at pH 2 are not only thermodynamically but also structurally very similar.


photochemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization




total correlation spectroscopy


two-dimensional nuclear Overhauser effect


double quantum filtered correlated spectroscopy


two-dimensional rotating-frame Overhauser effect spectroscopy


protein/TEMPOL ratio




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  2. Abstract
  3. References
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