Bacterial Triterpenoids of the Hopane Series from the Prochlorophyte Prochlorothrix Hollandica and their Intracellular Localization


M. Rohmer, Université Louis Pasteur, Institut Le Bel, 4 rue Blaise Pascal, F-67070 Strasbourg Cedex, France
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35-O-β–Galacturonopyranosyl-, 35-O-β– 3,5-anhydrogalacturonopyranosyl- and 35-O-α-altruronopyranosylbacteriohopanetetrol accompanied by their 2β-methyl homologues have been isolated from Prochlorothrix hollandica. We report here C35 triterpenoids of the hopane series in a prochlorophyte, a group of prokaryotic oxigenic phototrophs of the cyanobacterial lineage. Like many cyanobacteria, P. hollandica contains a mixture of non-methylated as well as 2D-methylhopanoids. After side-chain cleavage by periodic acid oxidation followed by sodium borohydride reduction, these hopanoids could be localized in cell walls and thylakoids, in accordance with their role as membrane stabilizers.