Primary Structure of Stallion Seminal Plasma Protein HSP-7, a Zona-Pellucida-Binding Protein of the Spermadhesin Family


  • Note. The amino acid sequence data published here have been submitted to the SwissProt data bank.

Juan J. Calvete and E. Töpfer-Petersen, Institut für Reproduktionsmedizin, Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover, Bünte-weg 15, D-30559 Hannover-Kirchrode, Germany
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The primary structure of HSP-7, a 14-kDa protein isolated from stallion seminal plasma, has been determined. HSP-7 belongs to the spermadhesin protein family, shares 98% sequence identity with the boar seminal plasma protein AWN, and, like its boar homolog, displays zona-pellucida-binding activity. Despite these conserved structural and functional features, the equine and porcine spermadhesins differ in their topography on spermatozoa.