• Liver transplantation;
  • Splenectomy;
  • Infection

Abstract Within a 17-month period, 130 orthotopic liver transplantations were performed in our hospital. Nine of these were retransplantations and were not included in our analysis. In the remaining 121 patients, splenectomy was performed in 34 patients, either synchronously with the transplant procedure (27 patients) or in the postoperative period (7 patients). Indications for splenectomy were lienalis-teal syndrome in 15 patients and hypersplenism in 15 cases. The number of rejection episodes was fairly equal in both groups (splenectomized vs. non-plenectomized, 61.7% vs. 63.9%, respectively). There was a marked difference in the frequency of infectious episodes (61.7% vs. 25.3%) that resulted in a decreased survival rate (77.5% vs. 95.4%) for splenectomized patients. Therefore, we recommend splenectomy only for very selected patients and investigate the banding of the splenic artery as an alternative.