• 285 gene;
  • nuclear encoded ribosomal DNA;
  • Paxillus;
  • Paxillus involutus;
  • Paxillus vernalis;
  • ITS region;
  • sequencing analyses

Abstract: This study aimed to elucidate the phylogenetic relationships within Paxillus 5. str. Collections of the Paxillus involu-tus complex from different habitats have been compared. DNA sequence data were generated from the nuclear encoded 28S gene and the ITS region. Phylogenetic analyses of the two data sets showed three clearly differentiated groups within Paxillus s. str. Collections from gardens and park areas under Betula, Cory-lus, Populus, Quercus and Tub showed to have a very close relationship to the North American species Paxillus vernalis, but are separated from P. involutus collections found in forests as well as from P. filamentosus. Possible taxonomic conclusions are discussed.